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Retail Security


We are an extremely reliable, service-led provider of security solutions. We have experience in looking after clients on high street, shopping centres, retail parks and high-end luxury retailers. Retail businesses cannot succeed and flourish unless they have confidence on premises, stock, employees and clients have a safe and secure environment.

When looking for security to protect your property, business premises or yourself our security guards are the most reliable and skilled. Assured through experience, constant training and monitored via mobile supervisor. Increasingly, companies and individuals want to ensure that their business and property are kept free from vandalism, theft, attacks and anti-social behaviour.

We at Security Scotland understand this and therefore provide a specialised loss prevention, store detective team to ensure that your bespoke solution is delivered safely and reliably. All of our employees are trained to the highest possible standard through our long-distance learning platform while being licenced to the highest of British standards with the SIA License.

Retail outlets are exposed to several threats, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These threats are becoming more sophisticated according to the latest research. It’s important to consider what security requirements you need as retail crime prevention has never been so important as it is now. It could be organised crime, loss or damage to your property or anti-social behaviour but at Security Scotland you can rely on us to protect you, your business assets and staff. We’re one of the most experienced organisations in the UK in delivering strategic security strategies to several retail outlets. We work with some of the country’s biggest brands through our dedicated team of security professionals and staff. We implement, manage and improve internal process to ensure you and your business has the kit to prevent crime as well as having us to protect your valuable assets.

Risks associated with Retail Security:


External Threats

When your doors open to the public, your premises are exposed to several situations that carry threats. This can be something as simple as shoplifting, to robbery, arson and assault which are all associated with organised crime.


Internal Threats

Trust between employer and employee is pivotal as part of any working relationship but at times this dynamic can be broken and become vulnerable. Staff have easy access to stock, know the business processes and sensitive shop information. Fraudulent activity and theft can happen because of this so it’s something retail outlets should safeguard themselves from.

As previously mentioned, retailers have a duty to ensure the safety of customers, employees and other assets and this is enabled by preventing crime at your business outlet. A key strategy in retail security should be implemented to address the risks that your business faces.

Please get in contact today and we’ll happily discuss your requirements to ensure the on-going safety of your retail business.

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