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Requests and Notification Area

Holiday Request
In line with our company policies: You are required to provide a two week notice and will be contacted by the head office regarding your holiday request. The Company reserves the right to review holiday requests and their compatability with the needs of the business in light of the current exceptional global circumstances. Please use this link to book your holidays and time you are unavailable. Please select the first and last day of the period you are applying for. Call our office if you have any questions regarding it.

Request A Holiday

Notification of Changed Details
All staff members are supposed to notify any change of their details.
This link allows you to update:

  • Contact Numbers
  • Bank Details
  • Residence Address
  • Register an Email (for weekly E-Wageslips)
  • Emergency Contact Information

Notify Us of Changed Details

Staff Standard Issue

Request your items of Uniform & Staff ID Cards. Please contact our office if you have any questions about clothing sizes.

Staff Standard Issue Request

Medical & Special Requirements
Please notify us of medical conditions or any special requirements you may have so we can make reasonable adjustments for yourself..

Medical & Special Requirements

Contract Termination
Any members of staff wishing to leave our company and looking to provide notice. Please provide us with a minimum of one week’s notice so we can notify our departments to help select a suitable person for the role.

Notify Us

Staff Feedback
If any staff have any complaints or compliments regarding your employment with Security Scotland please send us an email to as we’d love to hear from you.

Any complaints are investigated in the strictest confidence.

 Staff Only Facebook Page

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