During the Christmas period, it’s a time for fun and goodwill but with the rise in opportunist crime, with it being extremely busy and the increase in threats to public safety, you should be vigilant while out and about at pubs and bars during the festive holidays.

This year, it’s been a sad and dangerous period for the UK with various terrorist attacks taking place, one being at London Bridge which affected people out on a night out.

Random attacks can happen, and people don’t know when or where they could occur. The threat level of terrorism in the UK is at severe so while we hope and wish for a peaceful and fun time during this period, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and know to react to threats if they occur. By knowing how to react in these circumstances could save you and others around in the immediate vicinity.

The first thing you should do in order to protect yourself, your premises and others, you should seek official guidance on how to respond to situations. By gaining the right knowledge, you can adapt it your business then pass it on to everyone who needs to know.

Pub owners and managers can consult the likes of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office. This body gives landlords advice on their pub security operations in case of an emergency.

Local authorities will have advice on what to do and who to contact if a terrorist attack takes place. It’s important to again seek expert advice so all staff members know their responsibilities and a plan can be implemented if the worst was to happen.

Terrorism does remain a threat, but customers are likely to be targeted by opportunistic perpetrators looking to steal credit cards, cash and other expensive items.

Stay aware. Not all people who are out on pub nights out will be regulars. People will leave work all relaxed and excited and could easily become victims.

Watch when taking money from cash points as thieves are known to loiter around ATM’s and steal pins to access customers’ bank accounts.

Businesses should make it part of staff training; that they are on the lookout for certain behaviours that could lead to crime being committed. Advise customers that when entering their pin for making a payment, they cover the pin pad so other people don’t become aware of the number. These small changes at pubs could make a significant difference.

For busy trading periods during the likes of Christmas and New Year it’s worth hiring door staff to take the pressure off bar and waiting staff. This stops entering unwanted and troublesome guests entering the premises in the first place and lets staff concentrate more on serving customers than watching the door.

We also suggest having one door of entry as thieves like to enter via one door and leave through another.

It’s great if during opening hours that everything goes to plan and passes off without a hitch but what about after hours? How do you protect the pub and your takings during the night? CCTV should be installed throughout the venue to help deter and catch would be criminals.  With increased taking during Christmas, it’s important to have a robust safe that helps keep money and other items safe from fire and flood damage.

At the end of the day, pubs should be a safe place for you, your staff and customers. If you can install these tactics for a safe festive period, you are on the road to having a memorable time.

Keep up to date on the blog and from all of us here at Security Scotland, have a great Christmas!