MI5 has warned recently that the UK is facing a unprecedented and unrelenting terror offensive like no other, mainly from Islamist extremists with some terror plots planned in a few days from inception to proposed attack.

There’s been a massive increase in high tempo attempted and successful shootings, stabbings and bombings by terrorist individuals according to Andrew Parker the director general of MI5. The vacuum for these attacks are more prevalent because of jihadis returning from Syria and Iraq and with literature easy accessible via the internet.

Mr Park goes on to say that the police and MI5 have stopped multiple attacks my extremists in the past 7 months, around 1 attack a month.

There are over 400 live operations under way to combat terrorist activities in Britain with tens of thousands more who are on the radar with the law agencies.

Mr Parker goes on to say that internet providers need to do more to protect public safety. He says there needs to be more of a partnership between the government and private industry to tackle encryptions used by terrorists when they communicate and plan terrorist activity online.

Plots have been developed in the UK and overseas with complex and crude attacks such as stabbings being orchestrated from out with the country. Extremists come from all walks of life, gender and backgrounds, Mr Park says. He says due to the elevated level of plots, they’re in the form of lethal attacks such as knife or vehicle terrorism. Adding to this problem is the hundreds of British Muslims heading home from the Middle East after joining ISIS.

The jihadists who are coming home have been advised by ISIS to build and implement attacks in the UK.

Mr Park states that the drive for these new attacks is the online propaganda and murderous strategy by ISIS. He goes on to say that the group encourages lone wolf attacks and attackers are being encouraged by other acts of terrorism already committed like the Manchester and London attacks earlier this year. Their being galvanised into acting themselves.

Park further mentions that although technological are welcome, they are aiding terrorism through social media, online purchasing and encrypted communications.

Here’s a quote from Park on the ethical responsibilities of internet companies.

“No company wants to provide terrorists with explosive precursors. Social media platforms don’t want to host bomb-making videos. And communications providers don’t want to provide the means of terrorist planning beyond the sight of MI5. Some helpful action is being taken. But there is a challenge of pace, volume and reach as these technologies continue to develop so rapidly. We have a shared responsibility to do all that we can to prevent terrorist exploitation of internet-carried services.”

Mr Park states that despite Britain leaving the EU, they work with other security agencies at a joint operation centre in Holland to collaborate on terrorist activity throughout the region.

He finishes by saying that they can’t stop every attack but come into work every single day, determined to stop and bring disrupt all terrorist activity. These people are members of the public who work for MIS are motivated to protect the country now and in the future.

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