In the UK, the amount of qualified event security staff is facing a drastic shortfall due to the decline in the number of Security Industry Authority licenses being reissued.

A report by UKCMA – the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association mentions that there has been a 40% decrease in licence renewals since 2013.  It says this could affect the safety at venues throughout Britain.

The report states:

“Given the ongoing heightened security threat levels, the traditional government security services are heavily supplemented by private providers.”

A report by Derby University back in February of this year says that there is a significant decline in stewards at football matches could have a long-term impact on the safety at football games. The report was backed by the Football Safety Officers Association and UKCMA.

The UKCMA report goes on to say there’s several reasons why organisations are having trouble retaining qualified security staff. The casual nature of the workforce plays a party, qualifications can be costly, the poor rate of pay and not enough availability of qualified staff are all reasons the security sector is struggling in employee retention.

UKCMA confirms there’s a lack of qualified stewards at events as many security providers have been working at maximum capacity over the busy summer months.

The report says that politicians in government need to work and collaborate with industry figures to create an action plan and address the problems faced such as lack of personnel and deficiencies in skillset.  The chairman of the Association. Mark Harding mentions that it’s good news that the industry is taking the first steps to addressing these problems but it’s vital that internal stakeholders address the issues as a priority.

UKCMA suggest solutions to tackle the issue involves diverting money from the apprenticeship levy that currently doesn’t support the security industry, creating new and flexible qualifications to attract more people, more training offered to staff and making sure that security companies have the necessary resources needed following the recent terrorist activity in the UK.

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