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Outdoor Events


Security Scotland provide safety and security personnel for all types of outdoor events throughout Scotland and the UK. We’re adaptable to any environment and event type. We work on various Local Authority events like Historic Scotland, Firework Displays, Road Races, Christmas Light Switch On’s and more. We have years of experience in outdoor event security notably at the Edinburgh Festival for Underbelly.

When working providing security & safety personnel at an outdoor event, what you need to know is that no two events are the same. With each location comes with its own set of considerations that are identified and carefully attended by Security Scotland. Certain problems may arise whether it’s dealing with a large capacity or apprehending people who threaten the safety of others. We evaluate every venue and what protocols and procedures that need to be implemented to best serve the event and maintain the safety of every individual attending.




The two main challenges that come with outdoor events are crowd control and perimeter security. To maintain the security perimeter, two-way radio should be used by patrols placed at strategic points around the event. This enables us to act quickly and swiftly and react to any perceived security threat that threatens safety. This also helps with crowd control at outdoor events. This system makes sure in any emergency that no two patrols will be more than 100ft from one another. This means in any emergency or dangerous situation, separate patrols can respond and coordinate together with ease.

We coordinate and liaise continually with our Police Scotland partners. It helps us with external protection at events and of course, there are fewer better deterrents that are as effective as working with the local police force.

We also provide Taxi Marshalling. Marshals have proved highly effective in towns and cities in reducing illegal ‘pick ups’, controlling taxi queues, improving the safety of vulnerable persons and dealing with confrontational situations. The taxi marshals work closely with the licensing authority and Police Divisions, in order to ensure the efficient running of the operation. They are able to communicate any problems that they witness via the Radio-Link scheme to the CCTV Control Room.




Taxi marshals are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the licensing authority and the Police and can play a vital role in the reduction of crime. Professional taxi marshals are a valuable asset to any town centre operation.

By using the services of a trusted and effective security organisation for outdoor events like Security Scotland, you enable the safety and security of the whole event, from start to finish. We work with you – the event organiser, Police Scotland and other services to ensure the delivery of the event and to make sure the safety of attendees is never compromised.

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